Patient Contributors

Patient Contributors

Carin Andersen
Carin lives outside of Baltimore, Maryland, with her husband. Her son is a sophomore at York College of Pennsylvania. She was diagnosed with Crohn’s disease more than 20 years ago, survived an aortic dissection 3 years ago, and is a co-founder of the 501(c)3 charity, Aortic Hope.


Bart Frazzitta
Bart learned in 1999 that he had stage III esophageal cancer. After receiving chemotherapy, radiation, and surgery, he has been without evidence of this disease for 17 years. Bart pledged to help others beat esophageal cancer, so he, along with his wife Ginny, founded the Esophageal Cancer Education Foundation (ECEF). As ECEF President, he is educating the public about esophageal cancer, walking the journey with patients who have the disease, and supporting research projects that will lead to early detection of esophageal cancer.


Omar Marchant
A multiple Emmy® winner and recognized Hispanic TV pioneer with Silver Circle Award credentials, Omar Marchant is a true creative icon and established senior broadcast executive. Omar is in an elite class of top creative music producers and designers who has worked for some of the biggest names in the Latin music and its crossover industry. His creative canvas is populated by a select A-list of household names ranging from the classic Ray Conniff, to the unforgettable Selena to perennial favorites such as Julio Iglesias, Roberto Carlos and Marc Anthony – Omar has worked only with the best. 

Holding high-level positions in both Univision and Telemundo, he’s one of the most prolific producers and recognized architects of the growth and success of the Hispanic broadcast industry in the US.

At 84, Omar Marchant surrounded by his sons and daughters, his four granddaughters, a grandson and his wife Dora, for 47 years, is still as active and dynamic as before.


Omar Marchant


Paul K. Minifee, MD
Dr. Minifee is a pediatric surgeon who practices in Houston, TX. He is an Associate Professor of Surgery at Baylor College of Medicine and an attending surgeon at Texas Children’s Hospital.


Candice Monroe
Candice was 15 years old when she underwent a heart transplant in 2002 after being diagnosed with cardiomyopathy. She lives in Cleveland, OH, and works in employee development at a consumer food and beverage company.

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Tom Murphy
Tom and his wife, Wendy, live in Bronxville, New York. They have two daughters, ages 27 and 28, who live in Manhattan. Now empty nesters, Tom and Wendy love to ski and snowboard in the winter. Tom likes to run races with his daughters, especially half marathons. Wendy and his daughters inspire him every day, especially in the spring when he needs to get ready for running season.


Lisa Rogers
Lisa and her husband live in Castroville, TX, with their two sons and two daughters. Their daughter Rileigh was born with a congenital heart disease known as hypoplastic left heart syndrome (HLHS). In November 2016, when she was almost 2 years old, Rileigh received a heart transplant. Lisa believes that, “Life has changed for the better, with us remembering that every day is as precious as the next.” In between her responsibilities as a full-time mom and wife, Lisa is working on earning her nursing license.