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Listen to your heart: I didn't right away and it almost cost me my life

David Andelman in ICU

A simple echocardiogram quickly detected the deterioration of patient David Andelman’s valve and soon after, STS member Dr. Aubrey C. Galloway, chairman of NYU Langone’s Department of Cardiothoracic Surgery, operated.

“Replacing my heart valve has allowed me to continue my career as the foreign correspondent I had been for much of my life – through wars, revolutions and assorted crises in more than 80 countries; and to spend more time with my wife, family and friends,” said Andelman.

Since his new artificial valve was implanted, Andelman estimates that it has beat more than 168 million times. “Though heart valve disease cannot be prevented, listening to our hearts for signs of a problem, sharing concerns and seeking care can save lives – just as they did with mine,” he said.

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